Becky | Glamour

I do a lot of thinking and dreaming, my mind is consumed with “oh that would be so fun if…” or “I wonder if…” I am a visual person who enjoys design and colors, drawn to emotion and body language. I have been dreaming quite a bit lately and finally took the plunge to do something a little different! I teamed up with makeup artist/ hairstylist D’ette Kellner to do a styled glamour session. My idea was simple, bold yet elegant. These pictures are more than just of a “model” but rather my interpretation of my beautiful and sweet friend Becky.

We had just finished Becky’s indoor session and the sun was about to go down. Inspired by my own daughter who loves the outdoors, balloons and tutu’s I knew I wanted to capture Becky in this whimsical setting. Becky was such a good sport to go with my vision on this freezing cold January day! We have a new appreciation for car heaters but it was all well worth it!

I hope you enjoy!