Tracy | Glamour

As a mom of two babies I have a new respect for motherhood. The word selflessness has a whole new meaning. Where we once spent time doing our hair and makeup, styling outfits and living carefree has now turned into wrestling matches with our little ones, getting them dressed, fed and where they need to be in hopes that we have succeeded. I too have rushed out of my own house with the babies thinking I was putting on lotion to find I was rubbing body wash all over my face and arms! It’s not all glamorous as some might imagine but it’s definitely one of my most favorite seasons in life so far. And then it hit me, why can’t moms be glamorous? We pass by the magazines with beautiful women plastered on the covers, commercials, movies and other social media flaunt beautiful women. How often does the mom who serves her family see herself as radiant and beautiful the way God has created her and the way her family sees her? And this is how the seed of glamour photography has started to flourish within me. I asked my sweet sister-in-law Tracy to see if she would let me capture her. She has such a beautiful family and serves her husband and children in many ways. I didn’t want to just glam Tracy up and take pictures. I wanted this to be a time of pampering and rest. And most of all I wanted to capture the authentic beautiful person that she is. Getting our hair and makeup done gives us confidence but the authenticity is found in the depths of our eyes and in the richness of a smile. My heart, in pursuit of this portrait session is that you see more than just “glam” but you see the beauty and grace, the true essence of a woman made in God’s image.